The one-floor shed has a total extension of sq.m. 3,100 and is m. 6.60 high. It is well lit and insulated. The structure is currently divided into two rooms, separated by a temporary wall. Nearby the laboratory, on the ground floor, are the locker room and the toilets (about sq.m. 200). There are additional offices at the mezzanine level (sq.m. 100) and a canteen facilities (sq.m. 100).

1. Structure
The structure is made of reinforced concrete cast in situ. The roof is made of Siberkul curved elements integrated with double reinforced glass skylights that allow a great deal of light to the laboratory undeneath.

2. Thermal insulation
The outer walls are made of two layers separated by an thermal insulation panel. The roof, too, is thermally insulated by a panel placed beneath the waterproof sheaths.

3. Fixtures, Gutters, Flashings, Downpipes
The windows of the laboratory are made of anodised aluminium and tinted windows. The four access doors are reinforced in metal. The interior fixtures are made of varnished pine. The flashings and the downpipes are electrically grounded and made in stainless steel.

4. Floors and wall finishing
The laboratory floor is in concrete treated with anti-dust quartz. The offices, the canteen, the locker room and the toilets are either tiled or laminate wood. The toilets’ walls are tiled in ceramic. All other walls are plastered.

5. Heating, Air conditioning, Hot water
The laboratory has five temperature controlled hot air generators powered by methane gas, three of which are placed outside and two inside. The offices and their toilets are provided with hot water and heat by a gas powered water boiler placed outside, whereas the canteen, the locker room and the lab’s toilets facilities are served by a gas powered boiler placed inside. The four laboratory’s showers are fed by an electrical boiler placed in a service room. All the offices are air conditioned and each is indipentently served by a split unit.

6. Wiring and cabling
The laboratory is equipped with industrial electrical equipment, comprised of armored suspended wire ducts across the area. Every spot of the lab is reached by both power and data cabling.

7. Compressed air system
Every spot of the lab is reached by the compressed air.

8. Crane
The laboratory is equipped with an overhead crane with the capacity of 6 Tonnes.


All systems aforementioned are fully functional and compliant.