Office and residencial building


It is a modern three-storey office-residential building placed next to the laboratory, facing Via Salvemini. It’s built on an area of approximately sq.m. 420. Each floor is m 2.80 high, while the basement is m 2.35. There are two indipendent main doors, the first of which serving the offices at ground floor (sq.m. 390) and the second serving the basement, the first and the second floor. On the first floor there are two flats whose sizes are sq.m. 255 and sq.m. 123 respectively. On the second floor is another flat of sq.m. 128, surrounded by a large terrace of sq.m. 345. All the flats are equipped as offices.

1. Frame and thermal insulation
The structure is in reinforced concrete with pillars and beams cast in situ as such is the internal staircase connecting the basement to the other floors. The atrium of the building (sq.m. 26) provides even more brightness in addition to the one provided by the ample windows and balconies. There is the possibility to install a lift in an internal compartment, which connects the basement to the other floors. The outer walls are made of two layers separated by an thermal insulation panel. Underneath the floors are thermally insulated anti-noise sheaths. The roof and the terrace on the top of the building have thermally insulating sheaths as described for other rooms.

2. Fixtures, safety guards, gutters, downpipes
The entry doors, the windows and the balconies are made of Douglas wood, with double glazed tinted windows, and are protected gratings made by custom-designed stainless steel panels. Such panels are also used for the railings and the balustrades. The protection of flashing and downpipes are electrically grounded and in stainless steel. Even the gutters and overhanging canopies are made in stainless steel.

3. Floors, walls and finishing
Glazed ceramic tiles are used for the ground, the first and the second floors as well as for the walls of the toilets. All the other rooms have plastered walls. The basement’s floor is in concrete. The staircase is laid in granite slabs.

4. Heating, cooling, hot water
Heating system of the building is centralised. The heating plant is located in the basement, which is accessible from the outside. The natural gas boiler supplies both the radiators and the water boiler in the basement. The rooms at the ground, first and second floor are equipped with indipendent air conditioning systems.

5. Electrical, data, telephone and intercom
The entire building is equipped with electrical, telephone and intercom systems, as well as data transmission wiring. High-speed link is also present between the building and the laboratory.


All the systems aforementioned are fully functional and compliant.